6 Minute Tooth Fairy Bag

quick tooth fairy bag

A very excited little boy raced out of class on Friday afternoon to tell me that his tooth was wobbly! The first wobbly one! Half an hour later as we ate afternoon tea, it came out! He was so pleased – finally! So many of his friends had already lost teeth so I think he’d […]

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Monster Tooth Pillow…

My Little Miss lost her first tooth last week. And her second a couple of days later! She has a cute pink drawstring bag to leave the tooth in  for the tooth fairy to find. But when my Mr Happy starts to lose his teeth I’m thinking this monster pillow would be great for him! […]

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Tooth Fairy bag

It seems that the Tooth Fairy will visit for the first time rather soon, and Little Miss is very concerned about losing the tooth before it gets to the Fairy. The solution? A little bag to store it in safely. About five minutes, a scrap of ribbon, and a piece of magic wand fabric leftover from […]

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