Doll Quilt

doll quilt pinkOnce upon a time I made a very pretty quilt for a very pretty little baby girl. It doesn’t seem that long ago but that little girl turned one a while ago – how time flies!

baby girl quilt pink greenHer pretty quilt lies in her pretty white cot in her pretty bedroom with pink and green spots on the walls.

But now beside her white cot there is a tiny white doll crib – the old fashioned kind that rocks. So Mummy J asked me whether I might have some scraps of that pretty quilt fabric left to make a doll quilt.

Luckily, although I used some to make card holders, I do still have some left. Here’s the tiny doll quilt I made last week.

doll quilt pinkIt is only 13″x7″ and is made of strips of fabric on both sides. The quilting is a quick machine “meandering” pattern with tiny flowers every now and then. I did flowers in the quilting of the original cot quilt so it seemed right to add flowers to this tiny quilt too.

baby girl quilt flower quilting

Looking back at this quilt has reminded that I had planned to write up the instructions for a tutorial. I must add that to my “To Do” List again.

What have you made lately? Any little gifts for little friends?


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