Crochet Shawl Finished

crochet shawl plum Some projects seem to be finished much quicker than others and this beginner crochet shawl has been so quick!

I started this crochet shawl only last week after writing about projects I wanted to make for next Winter, and here’s the finished product. It beautiful, soft and snuggly – I love it! Maybe we’ll get another cold snap so I can use it before we really get into Spring.

crochet shawl plumI used this free pattern with Moda Vera Shiver yarn in a lovely plum colour from Spotlight.  I used a size 15 hook. As I explained in my previous post, the pattern says to do single crochet but I did trebles. The pattern is just rows of the same stitch with an extra stitch at the ends of each row to gradually create a big triangle. My finished shawl has 86 stitches in the last row, and I didn’t do the final edging in the pattern.

I would definitely recommend this pattern for a beginner so if you want to get started check out my tips and tutorials for beginners.

crochet shawl plum

crochet hook size free craft tip

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  1. Linda Bechtold says

    I would really love this pattern. It is so beautiful and the color is gorgeous. It’ January and it is quite cold Thank you

  2. Brenda Marie says

    Your shawl came out MUCH nicer than the one in the picture in the pattern (and the color is BEAUTIFUL)! Thank you for sharing! <3

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