Gifts for a Patchworker

Do you know someone who makes patchwork? Perhaps you patchwork yourself? Or maybe you don’t but you’d like to give it a go?

Well, Possum Blossom Patchwork is a great place to start. (And they are one of the Crafty Mummy sponsors.)

One of the keys to beautiful patchwork is precise shapes to piece together. One way to get that precision is to use a method called paper piecing. It requires paper versions of shapes that you use to sew your fabric shapes. Preparing the shapes can take time, which is where PBPatch comes in. They sell pre-cut paper and card shapes for paper piecing in triangles, diamonds, squares, hexagons and octagons. They even sell fabric pre-cut into shapes, and you can custom order particular shapes easily via their website.

possum blossom patchwork pieces

As I browsed around, the mixed candy pack caught my eye. It contains 600 papers that are a mix of 6 different shapes. It would be a perfect pack for a patchworker who does a lot of paper piecing, or for a beginner who wants to give it a try. All those shapes are only $25 – 20% off what it would be to buy all the shapes separately. Great value!

If you’re looking for a patchwork gift, this could be it. Pop over to Possum Blossom Patchwork and check them out.

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    I am looking for ideas for Christmas runners. I have four fabrics– a red print, a white print with red (toile), a small red and white striped fabric and a dark green pindot print.

    Thanks! I’d like to make this soon!!

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