Peacock Cross stitch

As part of my January photo a day round-up on Sunday, I shared a picture of my favourite cross stitch project. It is a huge design stitched on ecru linen and took me a couple of years to complete. In fact it was one of those projects that I gave myself the deadline of my first child being born to have it finished. Luckily I had some time off work in the lead up to that event so I did get it done before my Little Miss arrived.

I have written about it before, but I thought I’d share another couple of photos with you. The design is mostly cross stitch, but also includes some tiny seed beads and some pulled thread work. The pattern is by Teresa Wentzler and extremely detailed. I removed the alphabet in the original design and stitched out names in that space, as well as adding the date of our wedding.


It is the type of project that I would not have the patience for now. I find that I gravitate towards projects that be completed relatively quickly. I think so many of my tasks as a mother are repetitive or never-ending that I want my craft to fulfil that need to complete something and be finished. I figure one day I’ll go back to the long slow projects – that in many ways this is just a season of life when those short-term projects are most rewarding.

Your Turn

Do you go for long-term or short-term projects? Or a mix of both?

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    This is so awesome! I wish I had the patience and commitment to undertake such a large project. I am having trouble finishing off little projects let alone big ones. Well done!

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    Wow, that is a lot of work. I used to do hook rugs with that much detail. I also haven’t done one of those since my child was born. I also don’t foresee doing another one any time soon. I can finish a wedding dress faster than I can a hook rug. lol

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