Easter Egg Hunt with Clues

easter egg hunt clues

My Little Miss is 8 years old and Mr Happy is nearly 6. Easter eggs are on their radar in a HUGE way this week!

We don’t make a big deal of Easter eggs generally, tending to try to focus on Jesus instead, but it is difficult to ignore some things when they talk about them at school and they are in all the shops. Besides kids are only kids for a short time, right? So we give Easter eggs each year in the midst of other Easter celebrations.

Yesterday when Little Miss asked about having an Easter egg hunt with clues, I thought, “why not?”. When I thought about it more, I thought I’d share it for all you other Mums that might be short of the time or inspiration to make your own, and might appreciate a printable or inspiration.

easter egg hunt with printable clues

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Easter Egg Hunt Clues

I chose 10 places around our house to hide the eggs – in a kitchen drawer, on the sofa bed, in the letterbox, in the red toy box, and so on. Then I created 10 clues to lead the kids to those places. Each clue is a little puzzle that leads them to a word or two about the hiding spot. (Little Miss loves puzzles at the moment!) I’ll print the clues out on coloured paper and hide the next clue with each egg. I made some of the clues using the Free Puzzlemaker at Discovery Education.

Below are links to all the printable clues, and the last button “Easter Clues ’12” gives you a list of the answers or hiding places.

Note that Clue 10 will be a scrap of fabric from some bean bags that I made for the kids that will lead them to the box where the bean bags are kept – a nice soft place for a couple of bunnies!

Easter Egg Colours

Once they find all the eggs, we’ll sit them down and talk more about the Christian meaning behind Easter. I know a friend recently asked for a copy of this so here it is, Mummy L. If you want to look up the story in your Bible, try Mark 15 & 16, Matthew 27 & 28, Luke 24 and  John 19 & 20.

  • Purple reminds us of Jesus at His trial where he was put in a purple robe  and mocked. We remember all that Jesus went through for us.
  • Gold reminds us of a gift fit for a king. Jesus is a special King – a king of people’s hearts.
  • Blue reminds us of the sky  and we think of the Cross below it.
  • Red reminds us of Jesus’ blood, spilt for us when he died on the Cross
  • Green reminds us of the new life when Jesus was resurrected. We are so fortunate to receive this New Life.

Easter Jellybeans

Scribbled on the back of my piece of paper with the egg colours and their meanings, is a little rhyme to go with a bag of jelly beans:

Red is for the blood He gave, Green is for the grass He made

Yellow is for the sun so bright, Orange is for the edge of night

Black is for the sins we’ve made, White is for the grace He gave

Blue is for the hour of sorrow, Pink is for the new tomorrow

Happy Easter!

Whether your Easter is about eggs or bunnies or

Jesus or family or holidays,

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Easter Egg Hunt with printable puzzle and clues


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    I just came across this post via a google search when I was looking for ideas for this year’s easter egg hunt. I am in LOVE with this post, this was exactly what I was looking for, particularly the puzzle clues. Normally we just have easy clues that tell the kids where to look but I wanted something a bit different this year, just wasn’t sure WHAT I was looking for until I read your post. So thanks heaps for sharing, a year later it is still inspiring some of us!

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