Quick Baby Gift – Sheets & Singlet Tutorial

 baby gift sheet singlet ribbon BigW

When it comes to baby gifts, I’m always torn. I love to give toys, especially to new babies without older siblings, but I also love to give something with a touch of handmade about them. One of my first stops would usually be Big W Toys but I recently checked out the rest of their baby section. So this gift combines the “crafty” with the “baby” and is super quick and easy.

baby gift sheets ribbon BigW

Baby Sheets

When I had my first child, I made our cot sheets. I figured two flat sheets were just fabric with hems – and they were. But someone gave me a set of cot sheets with a fitted sheet and a top sheet, and boy, were they easier to keep on the mattress!

This sheet set was only $11.92 at Big W and included a fitted sheet and a top sheet. (There are also sets that include a pillow case.) You’ll also need a strip of pretty ribbon as wide as your top sheet.

Wash your sheets and iron them so they are flat for sewing.

Lay your ribbon along the top of the sheet and cut it off, leaving about 3cm extra on each end.

Fold the ribbon ends over about 1cm and iron to hide the raw edges.

Lay the ribbon along the top of the sheet (I used the seam as a guide to stay straight) and fold each end over to the back.

Pin it all in place and sew along each side of the ribbon.

baby gift sheets ribbon BigW

Matching Baby Singlet

I decorated a little Bonds singlet to match the sheets, but you could also add this decoration to a T-shirt or jumpsuit.

Grab some left over ribbon – my piece was about 20cm long.

Fold each end over and iron to hide the raw edges.

Start at one end and fold every couple of centimetres to create little pleats. They don’t have to be perfect – in fact, slightly crooked is cute! Iron as you go to hold them in place.

Pin the ribbon to the front of your singlet.

Sew a single line of stitching down the middle to hold it in place. I found the singlet was stretchy enough to move the rest of the fabric out of the way so I only sewed the front. If your item of clothing is not as stretchy, you could hand stitch the ribbon in place.

Note: Singlets like this one from Bonds are very stretchy and you don’t want to restrict that too much or they won’t fit the child anymore. By stitching the ribbon on vertically down the front, the singlet can still stretch around baby.

baby gift singlet ribbon BigW

All done! Two cute and useful baby gifts. Check back tomorrow for a matching flannel wrap tutorial. Or visit Big W Toys for more baby gift inspiration.

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