Lego Sewing Machine

sewing machine Lego

My kids love Lego! Especially Mr Happy. He could play with it for hours quite happily once he gets started. Little Miss bought herself some of the new girly Friends Lego recently and that has renewed her interest. They often ask me to take pictures of their creations so you may have seen some of them on Instagram.

So when I came across a tutorial to make a Lego sewing machine yesterday, I knew the kids would make me one. We didn’t have quite the same pieces that they had used in the original, but we didn’t let that stop us.  We just modified the design a little! My new machine is every colour of the rainbow too – nice!

Inspired by this lovely tutorial from Carrie at Suchity Such

Do your kids play with Lego? 

LEGO Canada

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  1. Nancy Stroup says

    My kids love playing lego. They also know how to make the lego machine on their own. I am proud of them for they are only 4 and 6 and yet they are so creative.

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