stripe crochet blanket

I started working on a new crochet blanket a couple of weeks ago after finishing my crochet rainbow blanket and loving it so much.

This one is distinctly “boy” colours – navy blue, lime green and bone. My son, also known as Mr Happy, is already asking for this one to be his – and I don’t think he has ever claimed one of my projects before!

stripe crochet blanket

The pattern is the same as the rainbow blanket but with only 3 colours. I am randomly deciding the order of colours and width of bands as I go long. When I feel like a change, I change colour again.

striped crochet blanket

So this is what I am currently working on at swimming lessons, soccer practice, dance lessons and in front of the TV.

Some details for those that like to know:

  • 8ply acrylic yarn called Thorobred from Spotlight
  • 100g balls – so far I’ve used 3
  • Size 4.5 hook
  • 153 stitches wide


  1. Jodie Parke says

    I have bought some of the Thorobred yarn to take on holidays to make another rainbow blanket. I am 90% through my first one.

  2. Traci says

    I just want you to know that I was really delighted when saw your site…so0 cute! thanks that you’ve shared this.

  3. Sarah says

    Way wondering if you would share what stitch your using?

    I’m living the colors as well it’s beautiful!

  4. cara says

    Hi i was just wondering what size the blanket was eventually and how many balls of wool did you use for each colour? Thanks

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