Felt Tissue Holder

tutorial tissue holder

The lovely Katia from Plushka’s Makery sent me some gorgeous 100% pure new felt. I wanted to make a little project to show it off, but I’ve ended up with a week’s worth of projects to share!

I seem to carry folded tissues around in my handbag so this little tissue holder is to keep them clean and in one place. If you buy small packets of tissues already folded, you will need to make your case a little larger. Wrap the felt around your tissue pack first to measure how much you will need.

What you’ll need

  • felt 4.5″ x 6″ (11.5 x 15cm)
  • sewing machine, thread, scissors, pinking shears, etc.

What to do

  • Fold the edges into the middle so they just meet. Pin in place
  • Sew across each end to hold them in place. I did two rows of stitching just to look pretty.
  • Trim with pinking shears for a pretty edge. (Optional)
  • The felt won’t fray so the pinking shears are only for looks, not necessity.
  • Fold your tissues and slip them inside.

Look out later in the week for an iPhone case, a felt envelope and a blanket with felt decoration.

Thank you to Plushka’s Makery for the gift of felt to make this project.

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