How To: Blanket Stitch

how to blanket stitch

Polar fleece fabric is fabulous! It doesn’t fray so you don’t need to finish the edges. But I like the look of edging around blankets so I often stitch my edges with blanket stitch.

How to Blanket Stitch

  • Start by folding your edge over – once or twice, whichever you prefer.
  • Pin or peg the fold in place.
  • Thread up your needle with contrasting thread. I often use perle coton as it is a little heavier than other thread but you could also use stranded embroidery floss.
  • Knot the end.
  • Start by stitching up into the fold so the knot is hidden within the folded edge.

blanket stitch tutorial

  • I stitch from right to left when I blanket stitch so you can see that I’ve pegged my edge to the left of where I started stitching.

how to blanket stitch

  • Swing your thread over the left of your needle.
  • Stitch into the top side of the fabric, just below the folded edge.
  • Tilt the needle up at the back of the fabric and make sure the thread is behind the needle.
  • Gently pull the needle through until the thread creates box along the top of the fold. Don’t pull it too tight.

how to blanket stitch

  • This is what it should look like if you look at the top of the fold.
  • Continue stitching into the front of the fabric each time.


  • As you come to your pins or pegs, remove them, of course.
  • At corners, you’ll do three stitches into the same spot to go around the corner.

This blanket is actually going to be the last of my felt projects for this week so stay tuned tomorrow to see how I added the felt.

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    Well, Tonya, we have that in common! I make ponchos (for donation) and can’t stand the raw edges! I love the look of blanket stitch around the edges and use variegated acrylic knitting yarn since polar fleece is also acrylic.

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