Fabric Scrap Bookmarks

bookmarks scrap fabric

Do you have lots of fabric scraps? Me too! I have scraps from cutting pencil cases and coin purses for my Shop, plus I have scraps of the interfacing I use in the pencil cases. But recently I had an “A-ha” moment: all those scraps could combine to become bookmarks for the crafty stall at Creative Craft Retreat in a couple of weeks. So here’s how I made my Fabric Scrap Bookmarks.

scrap fabric bookmark

I started by cutting all my scraps into strips – two matching strips of each fabric. I didn’t measure them. I just used a rotary cutter and cutting mat to keep them approximately square. They are around 1-2 inches or 3-5cm wide and around 6-9 inches or 15-23cm long.

Next I ironed some interfacing onto the back of one of each pair of fabric then laid the two pieces together with wrong side together.

fabric scrap bookmark

Next, sew around the sides about 1/4″ or 5mm in from the edge.

Lastly, trim the edges with pinking shears and add a “V” of ribbon for prettiness!

fabric scrap bookmark ribbon

Alternative: You could put right sides together then turn them through if you wanted to. In this case, leave one end open for turning when you stitch, then iron and stitch the opening closed once you have turned through. Don’t use pinking shears on the edges, but you can still add the ribbon.

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  1. Crafty Little People says

    These bookmarks look great and so satisfying to find new ways to use scrap fabric. Thanks for sharing.

  2. says

    I’ve thought of doing similar bookmarks but didn’t think of using interfacing! Wonderful! You could even add a couple of ribbons which are long to use as additional bookmarks ie: for use in a cookbook when you want to mark multiple recipes.

    {I found you through “Let’s Get Linky” at ‘BunsInMyOven’}

  3. Kimberly Simpson says

    I love these!
    I am a teacher and would like my students to make these for a unit we’re doing on re-using textiles. Is there a fabric glue that could be used, rather than stitching, so the children could make them without sewing? If so, could you recommend a good one?
    Thanks much!

  4. EmaAn R. Khalil says

    hi I love what u did with those fabric scraps and turned them in to very attractive bookmarks.thanks for sharing

    • says

      Hi Yusi, I haven’t found the edges have unravelled too much. I suppose if you washed them a lot they would unravel more but bookmarks don’t get very dirty so they don’t need a lot of washing.

  5. elaine says

    Thanks for this great idea! I don’t throw out my scraps either and this is a great way to use even small pieces! I’ll be adding these to alot of gifts from now on!

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