Handmade Looking Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornament bell

I was so fascinated by the Christmas ornaments in my local department store last week that I had to pull out my phone and snap some photos. There was a whole section of ornaments that have that “handmade” look. It got me thinking.

Christmas ornament gingerbread man

Is this a new trend? Or a throw back to an old trend?

Christmas ornament pudding

Does it mean that my handmade ornaments are now looking “store bought”?

Christmas ornament snowman

Am I the only one who looks at these and contemplates how much felt, buttons and yarn I’d need to buy to make something similar?

Christmas ornament bell

Is there some poor worker somewhere hand wrapping all that wool? How does a machine wrap wool around a circle like this?

Christmas ornament wreath

And finally on this one below, how many buttons is too many buttons?

Christmas ornament stocking

These are the musings of my mind this week. What do you think?

Is handmade the new cool look?

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  1. Rebecca says

    Nope, I’ve been thinking those same things for years now. LOL. It’s a good idea for me to stay out of the Christmas ornaments this time of year, or find a coupon so I can get the ornaments for much less than it would cost me to make them. :)
    And for Annaleis, a Sizzix Big Shot die cutter and a circle die would have you whipping out perfect circles in no time. :)

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