Paint Chip Notice Boards

notice boards paint chips paper bags

What can you create with some picture frames, paper bags and paint chips? Notice boards, of course!

Last week I created some new Weekly Calendar boards to keep the family organised. They feature a rainbow of paint chips and were super quick to make. The kids especially are enjoying being able to see what is happening each day and when to make sure they have their library books!

I already had a couple of boards in the kitchen so I decided to do a quick makeover so they would match my new boards.

notice board paint chips paper bags

Previously they were covered in scrapbooking paper so this time I wanted to cover that. They are in my kitchen and I didn’t want to spend heaps so I grabbed the stash of brown paper bags that I keep in the drawer for the occasional Tuckshop order. A couple of bags for the narrow board and 4 for the square board worked perfectly. The last of my rainbow paint chips provide a splash of colour and they’re done.

The tall narrow board is often used for menu planning. I’m pretty slack about planning meals but when I do plan ahead, I write the notes here so I don’t forget again – very often I forget anyway!

The square board seems to be used for random notes and reminders, but often for spelling words. With the list right there, I can “spot quiz” the kids as I cook dinner, or whenever they say “I’m bored”.

notice board white board pen

Another little tip

Attach your white board marker to the side of one of the boards with a velcro spot. I store mine upside down so the nib stays inky. Any white board or dry erase marker will write on your glass and wipe off again, but I found darker colours show up better.

How do you keep your family organised? Any tips?

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    I love this idea! I so need one of those! At the moment, we just write our appointments on post-it which are everywhere… And, of course we get confuse all the time.

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