Trying New Things


It’s kind of funny: in real life I’m not that good at trying new things. I buy the same brands at the supermarket. I’m reluctant to try food I haven’t had before. I’m nervous about driving in new places. I’m shy when I meet new people.

The funny bit? Online, and especially on my blog, I love to try new things!

Here’s a round-up of some of the new things I’ve been doing lately:

New Sponsor Spots

I’ve decided to add one sponsored spot in my Weekly News email each week. I really want this to be a chance to promote a handmade business like a Madeit store or a crafty blogger. The spots are only $10 each which is less than what you would pay to have a sponsored spot in my sidebar, but these emails go to over 500 readers each week and the list grows daily. (Interested? Buy a spot in my Shop)

New Shop

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while but not really been sure how to. After meeting Jess from Epheriell at the ProBlogger Training Event, I had my answer: Ecwid. So I have set up my free account and you can now see my new Shop here on the blog and also on my Facebook page. Yes, that means you can shop with me on Facebook! It was super easy to set up and I’m gradually adding new items as I go. I will continue to have my Shop on Madeit as well, but this is another opportunity.

New Facebook Groups

Finally I have been loving the Groups feature over on Facebook. I am now part of an Aussie Bloggers group, a Queensland Bloggers group and, my current favourite I think, a Madeit Sellers group. I am learning lots from all these clever people so if you’re interested in any of these groups, leave me a comment on Facebook so I can direct you to them.

I’m considering some other new things too – I’d love to know what you think about these ones:

  • An Email News project for Crafty Bloggers – probably once a month, maybe twice, with blogging tips and tricks that I’ve learnt along the way – would you sign up?
  • Product of the Month Club – where I would send out one of my handmade products to you once a month – for a special price, of course!
  • Monthly Giveaway to one of my Weekly News subscribers – something lovely to reward those who actually open my email newsletters.

So how about you: what new things have you tried lately – in real life or online?

Disclosure: There is an affiliate links within this post to Ecwid, and one to the ProBlogger Training Event Virtual Ticket.

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    Good on you for to trying new things, you have been very busy! I too have to really push myself to try new things and leave my comfort zone but it can be well worth it. I’d sign up for the crafty blogger news!

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