Tutorial: Sew a Lanyard

sew a lanyard tutorial

I’ve got some travel coming up – exciting! I’m heading to the ProBlogger Training Event later in the week and then I’m off to teach at Creative Craft Retreat at the end of the month. At Retreat we always try to wear name tags of some kind for people to get to know everyone and each participant brings their own. One year I wore a lanyard and that was easier than a name tag that pinned to my outfit. So this year I am getting crafty and I’ve made a lanyard. I’m going to throw it in my bag for Melbourne too just in case I can use it there – and show off my “crafty” skills!

How to Sew a Lanyard

What You Need

  • 2 x 112cm strips of fabric, 1″ wide – my strip is a combination of some scraps from this quilt and this quilt
  • 112cm strip of wadding, interfacing or pellon,  3/4″ wide
  • Lobster clasp swivel clip
  • pinking shears
  • usual sewing supplies and sewing machine

sew a lanyard tutorial

What To Do

  • If you’re using iron on pellon or interfacing, iron on the interfacing strip to the back of one of your fabric strips.
  • Layer one fabric strip, right side down, then your pellon/ wadding/ interfacing on top, then the other fabric strip, right side up. Pin to hold.
  • Sew the three together. You can stitch 1/4″ in from each long edge or add more rows of stitching up and down the length of your strip.
  • Trim the edges with pinking shears.
  • Slide the swivel clasp on the strip.
  • Fold the ends of the strip to hide the raw edges, then join the ends to create a continuous strip.
  • If you want the swivel clasp to stay in one place, stitch across the strap just above the clasp.

Now your lanyard is ready to add a name tag too. Or you would use it for keys, a camera, even your phone!

tutorial sew a lanyard

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    • says

      Thanks, WorkingWomenAus-who-I’m-sure-has-a-real-name ;o) I’ve spent part of the day trying to work out which clothes to bring – very tricky with such a small suitcase!

  1. Lyndal says

    Oooooh this looks good, even easy enough to make for the non crafties like me!!! Look forward to meeting you at PB!


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