Christmas Stars Inspiration

I love these stars! I first made some a couple of years ago now and they are still gorgeous. My Little Miss made another couple at a beading class recently, so they really are easy enough for the kids. Check out these lovelies from around the web then look for the tutorial link. I’ve seen these called snowflakes too – especially when made up with silver and blue beads. We don’t get snow for Christmas here in Australia so they will always be stars to me.

{via Craft Ideas}

Christmas beaded star MsBsDesigns

{via Ms Bs Designs on Etsy}

snowflake beaded

{via Fusion Beads}

{via BBeingCool}

snowflake star

{via I Bead Mag}

{for the little kids via Alpha Mom}

{another for the younger ones via Naturally Educational}


See my tutorial here: Beaded Christmas Stars



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