Needle Threader

felt needle threader

Every now and again I see something on Pinterest or around the Blogosphere that inspires me to grab my supplies and have a go at it. This needle threader was a quick project on the couch one evening as I browsed the net. After seeing this project on a blog called Wild Olive and then seeing this beading on Flickr, I combined the two to make my threader.

I used some left over felt from Plushka’s Craft that I used to make an iPhone Case. The wire is 32 gauge which is very fine – fine enough to slip through a needle eye. Some green embroidery thread and some beads from my stash and I was ready to create.

I followed the steps on Wild Olive without the decoration on the felt. Instead of glue to hold it closed, I blanket stitched around three edges. Down two sides, I added a bead to the thread between each stitch to create the decorative edge. Easy and pretty!

thread a needle

How to Use a Needle Threader

  1. Push the loop of wire though the eye of the needle.
  2. Slip your thread though the loop of wire.
  3. Pull the wire and the thread back through the needle – all threaded!


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  1. Cathy says

    After Christmas will make a needle threader… I need plenty I am always buying them because I am to heavy handed and pull the wire out…thanks for that never thought about making one.

    Merry Christmas


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