Butterfly Mobile

paper crafts butterfly mobile

Remember the butterfly gift cards? Well, when I was playing around with those butterflies, I also made this little piece. Now I must admit it is something of a “craft fail”. It didn’t turn out quite as I imagined.  I imagined strings of butterflies with a circular piece at the top to create a mobile. But a couple of things in this vision didn’t quite work.

paper butterfly mobile

For starters, I only had a punch to make tiny butterflies so they were super tricky to work with. I may have had better luck with larger shapes.  But I punched a few extras from my silver, aqua and lavender card to play with as I was making my gift tags.

Then I stitched pairs of butterflies together up the centre with my trusty sewing machine. I carefully opened up the wings to make them 3 dimensional. So pretty!

Next, they weren’t heavy enough to hang the way I pictured in my head. Again larger butterflies would have had more weight to them and then hung better. These just tangled together in the lightest of breezes!

So I added a base piece to attach the threads to and give some weight. This did work but I was losing interest. The prettiness that I had pictured for Little Miss’ birthday party was not exactly coming together and the day was marching on with the busy dinner prep time looming.

paper crafts butterfly mobile

So the whole thing was put aside to be revisited another day.

When I did go back to it a few days later, I decided that it would make for pretty pictures in any case.

What I learnt

It is OK for things to not turn out.

It is OK to play with an idea then put it aside.

It is OK to take pretty pictures even if the item isn’t perfect.

It is OK to create for the fun of creating without a practical end in sight.

These were all good things to be reminded of…

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