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I’ve been making gift tags lately – I may be slightly obsessed! I really have this idea that I want to have a stash ready for wrapping gifts as we start to hit the birthday party season. So when a bundle of lovely stationery supplies arrived from, I spotted the scented markers and my brain started ticking. While the kids were drooling over the shoe pencil case and the funky book covers, I was thinking how kids would get a kick out of gift tags that were also “smelly”.

gift tags valentines hearts

I have played around a little. I punched some tags using my trusty Creative Memories tag maker, then had a lovely afternoon doodling designs on them. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I played with hearts and soppy sayings in strawberry scented red pen.

gift tags rainbow

The chocolate scented pen had to have a chocolate related sentiment, and the apple tag could be for any occasion with its apple scented goodness. The pink pen is actually scented like watermelon but “strawberry kisses” sounded much cuter than “watermelon kisses”! A rainbow line up of markers was just crying out for a rainbow tag. With a little more imagination than me, I’m sure you could come up with cute sayings for Blueberry, Licorice and Cool Mint as well.

These markers are called Double Dip markers and come in a set of 12. Each one has a thicker end and a thinner end for maximum fun. The tags are still highly scented more than a week later – as I notice each time I walk into my craft room – so I’m impressed.

gift tags valentines

2Kool4Skool was originally created with book covers in mind – and don’t we all wish we could wrestle less with sticky covering and slip on book covers each year instead! I used book covers for my kids notebooks for the first time last year but these are so much sturdier than the ones we have already and the designs are much cooler! They come in multiple sizes and multiple designs as well as plain clear ones.

Creative Tip: Let the kids personalise their books by covering them in brown paper and then having them draw on them with markers. Finally slip a clear cover over the top to keep them protected for the year.

2kool4skool book covers    2kool4skool book covers

It was the cute accessories that really caught my kid’s attention though. There are pencils with dangly hearts on the ends and scented rulers and pens. I think Crafty Daddy is going to score the earphones that look like Lego, and I’m definitely keeping the USB stick that is disguised as chocolate! Mr Happy has plans to freak out his friends with the spider shaped eraser and Little Miss has scored an eraser shaped like a lollipop.

2kool4skool pencils     2kool4skool stationery

You may have seen 2Kool4Skool on a few other blogs recently. I’ve spotted some giveaways as well, so if you’d like to win some of these cute bits and pieces try visiting Little Bento Blog and – but be quick – entries close today on Tina’s blog!

Disclosure: I received a review pack from 2Kool4Skool. I was not paid for this post and all opinions expressed are 100% my own. I was not asked to link to the giveaways on other blogs, but I know I’d love to win some of this stuff so I wanted to give my readers the chance too!

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    I love your gift tags!!!!!! Especially that you have that handwritten personal element- that is always missing from mass produced alternatives….. I also love the messages you made to coincide with the scent- and your drawings of icons to fit with the tags….. Unfortunately my one year old loves to eat a lll textas/ crayons/ play dough… so we might have to wait a little while before getting these :)

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