UFO to Finish: June 2013

quilt Japanese fabric

June has started so I’ve picked a “UFO to Finish” this month. I made this quilt top from some gorgeous Japanese fabrics ages ago but never got around to quilting it and finishing off the quilt. So this month my goal is to finish it. I’ve picked this one first because my friend B is “travelling” to Tokyo this month in her If Project so it seemed to fit.

This means I need to

  • find the quilt  – wherever it is stashed in my craft room!
  • find a backing for it
  • baste it – this is where you lay out the top, the batting and the backing ready to quilt them together
  • quilt it
  • bind it
  • label it – I’m very slack at labelling my quilts although I know I will regret that one day so I’m adding this to the list here. I probably should add the label to the backing before I quilt it really.

Japanese fabric quilt

So there you have it. That’s my UFO Challenge goal for this month. Sounds a little overwhelming right now but I’m hoping that breaking it into steps like this will help me to aim for one step at a time.

Japanese fabric quilt

Now how about you? What is your goal for this month? I know some of you have signed up to the Finish a UFO Challenge and it is not too late – you can join in anytime! You can add your goal in the comments of this post if you want to put it out there, or tell me over on the Facebook page.

finish a ufo challenge


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  1. says

    My goal this month is to finish the changing bag I’ve promised my sister for her new baby (so far I have the fabric and the pattern sitting staring at me and that’s as far as I’ve got!) Baby is due in July and it needs posting to the UK so I need to get a move on – nothing like leaving things til the last minute!!

  2. Leanne V says

    I am giving myself two goals this month
    the first is to complete a half finished quilt top that I started 18months ago – The Quilt is called florentine.
    My second goal is to quilt a completed quilt top – the top was finished about 2-21/2 years ago and I wish to give it to my MIL who turned 70 last month but I will finally see her early July!!

  3. says

    I picked 2 things for this month – my ripple along blanket and to piece a quilt top. very happy to report that the blanket is finished! I’m at a craft fair all long weekend, but next week will be getting stuck into the quilt top too!

  4. Corinne Arnold says

    I am working on finishing my very first pieced quilting project – a throw size log cabin from the 1990s. I have debated for several years about finishing it since it definitely is not my best work. I’m in the process of adding the last pieced border. The border is nice and flat, the center …. not so flat. So, I have decided to tie it rather than attempting to quilt the beast. I’m thrilled to join your UFO group!

  5. Alicia says

    Well I am a new mummy to no3, who is just 6 weeks, and need something creative to get me out of a not-liking-myself-much rut! So, my challenge to have finished by the end of June is mum’s lap blanket which needs to have quilting finished and binding added; a Christmas present which is 3 years overdue!

  6. says

    Ive decided on myy embroidery hoop necklaces as they are small projects and the most recent – so hopefully i’m not sick of them yet.
    So far I’ve finished the embroidery on one and just need to assemble it. The second one needs the design finalised then everything else.
    17 days to go

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