How to Make a Maid Marion head-dress

make a head dress for maid marion costume

Maid Marion needed a head-dress for her costume – according to my Little Miss! No, Mum, not a hat or a headband or just cute hair, but a head-dress. So head-dress it was! This one could double for any medieval lady and be more decorated with a little more time.

What You Need

  • Strip of blue fabric approximately 1m x 25cm (mine was just s a scrap from the dress – it doesn’t need to be exact)
  • Strip of tulle, chiffon or similar for the veil approximately 50cm wide and as long as you want it to hang down the back (mine was a scrap from a fairy costume skirt that we “upcycled”, about 1.4m long )
  • Scissors, thread, needle, pins

make a head dress for maid marion costume

What To Do

1. Take the blue fabric and twist it like a rope, tucking the unfinished ends inside the twist.

2. Wrap the twisted fabric around the head of your Maid Marion for size and twist the ends into the rope to form a circle. Pin to hold.

3. To hold the rope in shape and stop it untwisting, I planned to stitch the ends in. But I decided a more effective way was to do some small stitches but to also wrap the thread around the twist as I moved around the circle. So start with some small stitches securing one end of the fabric then wrap the thread around the whole rope, working our way around the whole circle. Look at the picture to see what I mean. In hindsight I could have used decorative thread for this and made it a feature.

4. Take the tulle strip and thread it through the circle then fold it over itself the create the veil at the back. Once you are happy with the placement and the length of your veil, stitch it into place near the fabric circle.

Find the tutorial to make the rest of Maid Marion’s costume here.

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