simple coasters tutorial

These are great coasters because they look tricky but are really quite easy. Hence the name “Simple Coasters”. I originally found the tutorial online somewhere a few years ago but I can’t seem to find that original tutorial anymore. So I thought I’d share my version in case you need some new coasters for Christmas like I did! These took me less than an hour to whip up.

sew simple coasters

What You Need:

  • 5 squares of fabric – 4.5″ square
  • 1 square of iron-on pellon – 4″ square

sew simple coasters tutorial

What To Do:

1. Iron the pellon onto the back of the square that you want to use for the back of the coaster.

2. Fold the other four squares of fabric in half and press.

tutorial sew simple coaster

3. Lay the backing piece with the right side up and the pellon side down.

4. Lay the folded pieces on top with the folded edges all facing to the centre of the square. Here’s a little Vine video to show how to arrange them:

tutorial simple coasters

5. Stitch around the square about a quarter inch from the edge.

6. Clip the corners.

tutorial sew simple coasters

7. Turn through by gently opening up the square and flipping the folded edges to the other side. The pellon should end up in the middle.

8. Push out the corners with a knitting needle and press.

tutorial sew simple coasters

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  1. Anita says

    Wow…I needed this a couple weeks back…but I’m still thankful for it now. I love the simplicity of the pattern. Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. Lee Mack says

    Yes, I agree – to make them different colors and then people know whose drink is whose if put down for a minute. Bright and a talking point – too good.

  3. Susan says

    I feel kinda stupid asking this question. How is the coaster used? Do you open the four points & place the drink inside? I love the pattern. Very creative

    • says

      Hi Susan, You use these coasters just as flat coasters – that’s how I use them. But yes, I have seen them slipped around the base of a wine glass too so that the coasters stays with the glass and is always there when you put the glass down.

  4. cally ross says

    Next time, try it by folding the squares into triangles, if you use contrasting fabrics it makes a pinwheel effect. again, it looks more complicated than it is! I’ve made potholders 9×9″ and mug coasters 4.5 x 4.5″

  5. Jeri says

    I love the size! Can’t wait to make some. I cut 10″ squares and used pot holder batting to make pot holders for everyone this Christmas. The pattern was identical but I wouldn’t have thought to shrink them for coasters! :-)

  6. Mary says

    Can you please tell me how to print the simple coasters tutorial without haveing to print all the comments and things to the right on the page? I did print it, but it took 9 pages.

    • says

      Sorry Mary but when you print a page it will automatically print everything on it. Do you need to print it? Perhaps you could bookmark it in your browser or pin it to Pinterest to save it for later?

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