Cross Stitch Rainbow Block 7

Cross Stitch Rainbow Blocks

Somewhere over the rainbow… your dreams are waiting to be found…

Gold at the end of the rainbow… those good things are out there…

Rainbow after the rain… no matter what hard stuff we go through, there’s a “rainbow” waiting at the end for us…

The concepts associated with rainbows make me smile almost as much as the colours of the rainbow!

I’m so loving stitching my own rainbows and today I’m sharing block number 7.

cross stitch rainbow block 7

Block 7 is a series of smaller squares enclosed in a simple border. A quilt block like this is super easy to piece, perhaps one of the easiest types of blocks to sew in fact. But I love the idea that this block could actually become a whole quilt just by using larger squares. The colours are somewhat random in this one but if you look carefully there is symmetry in their placement.

Block 7 Rainbow Cross Stitch

Once again I’ve used the same rainbow colours in DMC thread. See the list in the Block 1 post here. You will also find links to the other 6 blocks from the Block 1 post. The free chart for this block is below – just right-click on the image to print it.

I do intend to create a complete set in a PDF for download altogether at the end of this series, so if you want to make sure you don’t miss out on the rest, why not sign up to my Weekly News? (Either click on the words “Weekly News” or look for the sign up box in my sidebar or towards the bottom of this page.)
Cross Stitch Rainbow Block 7

Cross Stitch Rainbow Block 7 Free Chart

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