Rainbow Loom: Fishtails and Rings

Rainbow Loom Bracelet and Ring

There is still a lot of looming going on at our place. Little Miss was “commissioned” by most of her class (or so it seemed to me!) to make bracelets for them, until the school reminded them that they were not supposed to be wearing jewellery at school. But she was having a ball making new designs in rainbow colours each night.

rainbow loom fishtail bracelet

In order for her to get inspired and learn some new patterns, I gave her access to my Pinterest board. She is hooked! Now she sets herself up at the table with her loom, her box of bands and her iPod to watch videos. I love to see her using technology to learn new skills.

rainbow loom ring black turquoise

“Mum, Pinterest is so cool!”

Yep, Mummy knows that already!

fishtail loom bracelet purple turquoise black

My favourites recently are these two: a fishtail bracelet and a ring in turquoise, purple and black. (Thank you to my lovely hand model.) I could wear these colours myself. Hmmm… perhaps I’d better commission some creations too!

rainbow loom ring

You can find both the tutorials for these over at Loom Love, a site written by two very clever girls. The fishtail tutorial is here and the ring tutorial is here.

Check out more tutorials on my Pinterest Board: Rainbow Loom Tutorials – I’ve just added some Easter items to make including easter egg charms and baskets.

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