Crochet Hexagons

crochet hexagons cream navy green

Do you crochet?

I consider myself a newbie, but I’m learning quickly. The other day I wrote a post over at And Sew We Craft about easy projects for crochet newbies like me. One of the things I talked about was granny squares. I wanted a photo but I didn’t have any. I did have a project on my To Do list that was granny hexagons though…

Yes, I started another new project… I know, I know… I have many other unfinished projects! One day I might even be brave enough to list them all for you. But I really NEEDED this photo!

crochet hexagon

These hexagons are from a pattern I saw on All Hail Suburbia and the instructions are on One Loop Short. (EDIT: One Loop Short is no longer there but you can donwload the pattern for free as a PDF file from Ravelry. You may need to join Ravelry to see it, but joining is free.) They were a little fiddly to start with but I found the pictures were great to see where I went wrong on the first one. My colour choices were limited by what was in my stash since I decided to do these at 7:30pm as I sat down to watch The Polar Express with the kids. But I’m really liking these colours together – modern and not too girly. I think they’ll become a blanket but we’ll see. For now they will be the project that I take with me over the Christmas break as I spend lots of lovely days sitting and chatting with family.

Do you have a project that you’ll carry with you for Christmas visiting?

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  1. says

    I love this idea!!
    I’m crocheting a ‘rainbow’ blanket for my Miss 4 at the moment.
    It’s so pretty.
    I might post some photos of it on my blog soon.
    I’m definitely trying these hexagons, they’re so cute!

  2. says

    Yes I think I can give myself permission to start another crochet project as they are great as a portable craft to do over the holidays.
    I love your colour choice.

  3. says

    I absolutely adore your little hexies, they’re so gorgeous and exactly what I have been looking for. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that the site you got your tutorial from has gone :( I don’t suppose you still have the pattern and would be willing to share? I’m not so great at crocheting that I can make my own patterns, even simple ones still defy me :(

    I do love yours though, so gorgeous :)

  4. Silvia says

    Hi, Tonya! First of all, I love your site! So many beautiful ideas…

    Have you finished this blanket already? If so, I’d like to see, as I can imagine how nice it is, eith this beaultiful colors you’ve chosen…

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