Kids craft: Clothes Peg Planes

clothes peg planes

Some crafts are so simple you just have to have a go! This idea came to me one night as I looked at the collection of wooden pegs on top of my microwave that came from our local Pizza Capers. You could use any wooden pegs but I love the idea of recycling these.

craft clothes peg airplane

How to make clothes peg planes:

  • Colour in the pegs with felt pens.
  • Colour in the paddle pop sticks too. Ours were already coloured from Spotlight.
  • Slip a paddle pop stick in the peg for wings.

I really want to make these into a mobile to hang in Mr Happy’s room but he wants to play with them so for now he has them.

To Make a Mobile:

  • Grab a coat hanger – or two for more hanging space.
  • Tie ribbon or thread around the planes, then around the hanger.

Had I thought of these a few months ago, they would have been a perfect craft to do at Mr Happy’s Paper Plane Party!


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