Paperclip Angels

paperclip angel

Did you know you can buy paper clips shaped like butterflies? They are called butterfly paperclips and they also look like angels. Add some ribbon and a bead and they really look like angels – Paperclip Angels!

paperclip angel

I bought my paper clips from Officeworks but they are also available on Amazon in colours as well as silver. My ribbon was from my stash and the beads came from Spotlight. They are 10mm Ridge Ball Bright Silver beads by Ribtex.

paperclip angels

This craft was inspired by the Crafty Journal who used pearl beads instead of silver ones.

 paperclip angels

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  1. No – I didn’t know you can buy paper clips shaped like butterfly’s (glad I do now!)…and Yes they do look like angels when you add the bead and ribbon! What a clever idea! They look so pretty! Just popped over from Blogs & PR’s TTUT. :-)

  2. Blogs and PR says:

    Wow I really love these, such a simple but impressive idea. I’m definitely going to be making some.

    Thank you for linking up with Talk to us Thursday (TUST)

  3. Hey, we loved the paperclip angel idea and featured it in our roundup that just went live yesterday. Thanks, and feel free to share it!

  4. It looks simple.. And would be perfect for our mission study. Do you mind offering step by step directions? I see some knots.. That helps the bead stay on the paper clip.. But how did you string the ribbon for best effect? Thanks and blessings!

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