Beaded Angel Tutorial


heart beaded angel tutorial

Want a super quick Christmas ornament for the tree or a special gift? This beaded angel is perfect! It uses only a handful of beads but looks so pretty. The key is the large glass heart bead that is turned upside down for the odd of the angel. I’m already imagining a second lovely angel with a green heart and silver wings instead of gold.

What You Need

  • Large heart-shaped bead – mine is about 25mm each way
  • Large wings – mine are 44mm
  • Large pearl bead – mine is 10mm
  • Sparkly spacer bead for halo – mine is 8mm
  • beading wire – about 20cm
  • seed beads – enough for make a row of about 3cm
  • crimp bead to finish

What To Do

  • Thread 3cm worth of seed beads onto the wire. Clip a peg on the other end of the wire to stop them falling off.
  • Carefully bring the ends of the wire together and thread the other bead over the two ends together in this order: Spacer (halo), pearl (head), wings (be careful to check which way they go), and heart (pointy end first).
  • Gently pull all the beads tight then add the crimp bead and crimp to keep them in place.
  • Trim the excess wire.


  • I found the hole in the heart bead was quite large so I had to add an extra seed bead to stop the crimp bead going into the heart.
  • You could make these even quicker if you skipped the seed beads and just looped the wire into the hanging shape then added the larger beads.
  • I have put together an Amazon widget with the beads you need but I couldn’t find the large wings on there today, so the linked wings are a smaller size. You could use slightly smaller pearl and heart beads to match smaller wings.

beaded angel heart bead


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  1. Nonie Johnson says

    This looks like a good small gift for my Red Hats. I think i will try using a red spacer to see how that works. Thanks for the idea. Nonie

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