Cross Stitch: Rainbow Block 2

rainbow block 2 free chart

I have been stitching furiously so that I can share this next Rainbow Block with you! So excited about this project!

This block was inspired by a classic quilt pattern called Courthouse Steps. When it is made in fabric, you start with the square in the middle then add strips of fabric to either side of the square in turn to build it in a bigger square. It is probably one of the simplest patchwork blocks to sew as it is all straight line sewing and requires less precision than some other blocks.

free chart rainbow cross stitch

I think it works great in rainbow colours too! Here is the cross stitch chart and below you can see the DMC threads I’m using for all of these blocks. To find the Anchor equivalent thread numbers, look in my first Rainbow Block post here.

rainbow embroidery thread DMC

As you can see I’m stitching my blocks onto one piece of Aida cloth and I’m leaving four rows of blank space between the blocks. My nine blocks will end up forming a square so this block is directly below the first block.

cross stitch rainbow block 2

Enjoy your stitching!

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Make a Mini Quilt based on this block:

Rainbow Mini Quilt Tutorial:

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  1. Cindy Dahlgren says

    Hi, looking forward to doing the rainbow stitch along. Do you have a way to download the chart that I’m missing? I did download it by right clicking and save as, but if there was a pdf, I’m sure the quality would probably be better. Thanks for developing this, it’s going to be fun.

    • says

      Hi Cindy,

      I will put together a PDF of all the charts together once I have them all done. For now the best option it to print the post or as you did print the image.

      Glad you’re liking it,

  2. Gail Carroll says

    Hi, thank you for sharing these designs. I have been wanting to get back to some cross stitching but couldn’t decide if I wanted to finish something I had started a while ago or start something new, a big project or a small one . . etc. I followed the link from CraftGossip and this is what I am starting with. I already have an idea of framing and where to hang it when completed. Thanks again for the inspiration. You can never go wrong with rainbows. :-)

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