Mother’s Day: Beaded Bookmarks

ribbon bead bookmarks

Every year at school they have a stall for the kids to buy gifts for Mother’s Day. The items are all made or donated by local families and businesses. A couple of years ago I wrapped soap in brown paper and pretty ribbon. This year I’m trying to get ahead of myself and I’ve started on some ribbon bookmarks.

ribbon bead butterfly bookmarks

They are very easy. I used 30cm or so of really narrow ribbon and a few beads. Knot one end to stop the beads sliding off, thread the beads and tie the other end. Then tie a couple more knots to keep the beads at each end.

ribbon butterfly bookmark

Now I need your help: How will I present them for the stall? I’m thinking maybe wrapped around some little cards with slits to hold the ribbon in place. Perhaps with something cute printed on the card?

ribbon bead bookmark

Any other ideas or suggestions?

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  1. Di-licious says:

    How gorgeous, and a great craft for kids to make as well. I know I would love to receive one of these, as would the other mothers in my life!

  2. Melanie says:

    Those bookmarks looks so lovely!

    On another note, I agree with your idea to use cardboard in presenting it on the stall. Just make sure you ahng it up to make it look better.

  3. how super cute come see me at

  4. Oh they are very cute! Such a simple idea.

    I think the card idea is a good one; that way the mums get a card too!
    Thanks for linking today!

  5. Oh they are very cute! Such a simple idea, and yet so effective!

    I think the card idea is a good one; that way the mums get a card too!
    Thanks for linking today!

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