Quilting Tip: Nesting Seams

patchwork nest seams

Do you want your patchwork seams to match up perfectly every time?

Then you need to nest your seams. Yes, nesting seams is nothing to do with birds and all about perfect patchwork piecing.

The trick?

Where you want two seams to match up, iron one seam to one side and the other seam to the other side. Then when you put them right sides together to join, the two seams will slot up against each other.

Once you join the seam and open up,  they will match beautifully!

patchwork purple nested seams

What other quilting things would you like to know? I’d love to help!

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  1. Leticia Hernandez says

    My first little quilt , an I spy , I have been having to undo the stitches because I am eding up with the squares side been too big and the backing too short , when is no saw baking is larger , what am I doing wrong ? or is there a trick to do this right ?

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