Quilt Binding Tip

Quilt Binding Tip

When it comes time to add your binding to your quilt, it can be a juggle to hold the roll of binding, feed the quilt through the sewing machine and keep the weight of the quilt lifted so that it doesn’t cause problems in the stitching. I sometimes feel like I need an extra hand […]

Quilt Binding: Turning Corners

quilt binding turn corner 3

I quite enjoy adding the binding to a quilt. I think it is because at this point I know the quilt is almost finished and I’m going to get to enjoy the end results very soon! But a tricky part of adding quilt binding is turning corners and creating neat corners. I know some people […]

Fat Quarter Fizz Quilt

Angry Birds Star Wars Quilt done

I’m so excited to finally share my Angry Birds Star Wars quilt! This is made using the newest pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop, called the Fat Quarter Fizz Quilt. It is made with a pack of fat quarters – you kinda guessed that, didn’t you? – and I chose to go with the Angry Birds […]

Rainbow Mini Quilt Tutorial

Rainbow Mini Quilt Tutorial: TheCraftyMummy.com

Mini Quilts. Cute. Small. Quick to make. Great for making a single block rather than a whole quilt top. We decided – the Team at And Sew We Craft, that is – that we’d have a 12 months of Mini Quilts, sharing the designing and creating around the group. My quilt is based on one […]

Four for Friday: Quilts

four for friday quilts

I’m in a quilting mood lately. I have ideas swimming in my head and a couple of projects on the go. It has made me keen to dig out some of my unfinished quilt tops and get them ready to quilt! So I thought for today’s Four for Friday I thought I’d share some of […]

How to Square up a Quilt Block

How to Square up a quilt block

In a perfect world, all my patchwork quilt blocks would turn out perfect. Those perfect squares and strips would come together perfectly to make a 12.5″ block with seams of exactly a quarter-inch and I would not have any crooked edges. Unfortunately my quilt blocks don’t seem to have been created in my perfect world. […]

ModernQAL Progress

modern quiltalong quilt

A few days before I had my not-so-crafty shoulder injury, I decided to pull out my ModernQAL blocks. You might remember if you’ve been hanging out here for a little while that last year the girls on the And Sew We Craft team decided to have a quiltalong based on this book: We each picked […]

ModernQAL: Stacked Squares

modernqal stacked squares

Time for the next block in the Modern Blocks Quilt Along – our last block! This one is called Stacked Squares and you can find the tutorial for it over at Sew Delicious. Ros has done a great job of showing you how to make this block step by step, and I love her featured […]

Everyday Baby Quilt Tutorial

Everyday Baby Quilt Tutorial

A couple of years back I made two quilts for two beautiful babies. Their Mums are two of my best friends so quilts were the perfect baby gift. I wanted simple but not too simple and I had found two great sets of fabric to use for them. One was super pretty in pinks and […]