Four for Friday: Quilts

four for friday quilts

I’m in a quilting mood lately. I have ideas swimming in my head and a couple of projects on the go. It has made me keen to dig out some of my unfinished quilt tops and get them ready to quilt! So I thought for today’s Four for Friday I thought I’d share some of […]

How to Square up a Quilt Block

How to Square up a quilt block

In a perfect world, all my patchwork quilt blocks would turn out perfect. Those perfect squares and strips would come together perfectly to make a 12.5″ block with seams of exactly a quarter-inch and I would not have any crooked edges. Unfortunately my quilt blocks don’t seem to have been created in my perfect world. […]

ModernQAL Progress

modern quiltalong quilt

A few days before I had my not-so-crafty shoulder injury, I decided to pull out my ModernQAL blocks. You might remember if you’ve been hanging out here for a little while that last year the girls on the And Sew We Craft team decided to have a quiltalong based on this book: We each picked […]

ModernQAL: Stacked Squares

modernqal stacked squares

Time for the next block in the Modern Blocks Quilt Along – our last block! This one is called Stacked Squares and you can find the tutorial for it over at Sew Delicious. Ros has done a great job of showing you how to make this block step by step, and I love her featured […]

Everyday Baby Quilt Tutorial

Everyday Baby Quilt Tutorial

A couple of years back I made two quilts for two beautiful babies. Their Mums are two of my best friends so quilts were the perfect baby gift. I wanted simple but not too simple and I had found two great sets of fabric to use for them. One was super pretty in pinks and […]

ModernQAL: Binary Block

Modern blocks Quilt Along Binary

This month for the Modern Blocks Quilt Along we are making a block called Binary. This one is so simple! I love how it gives a chance to feature just snippets of fabric on lots of background. It would be great to fussy cut the coloured pieces from a medium to small scale print fabric. […]

How to Baste a Quilt

Tutorial: How to Spray Baste a Quilt

You’ve finished piecing a beautiful quilt top and now it is time to make it into a beautiful finished quilt. The next step is to baste the layers together ready to quilt it. The quilting is just sewing through all three layers – the quilt top, the wadding in the middle to make it fluffy […]

ModernQAL: Parisian Star Block

parisian star block modernqal

Time for another Modern QAL block and this month it is my turn to share the tutorial. I’ve chosen Parisian Star because I love star blocks and this one has the perfect place to feature my favourite fabric. You might remember that I liked that about the Spool block, too, a few months back. You […]

Modern QAL: Everything Equal

everything equal modernqal block

It is time for another block in the Modern Blocks Quilt Along series with the girls from And Sew We Craft. I think I’m loving this quilt along as much for the fabric I’ve chosen as for the blocks. Each time I see the blocks in my craft rom they make me smile, especially  the print […]