How To Troubleshoot your Sewing Machine

Every now and again my sewing machine gives me trouble. It could be skipping stitches or making a funny sound. Sometimes it chews up the bobbin thread or my fabric – GASP! Like all mechanical things it can sometimes need a service rom a sewing machine professional who really understands how it works inside –… Read More»

Teaching Kids to Sew

My Little Miss recently got a sewing machine. She had been keen to sew on mine so I felt it was time for a simple machine that she could use herself whenever she got the urge without needing me to supervise all the time. She got a basic Elna machine with a handful of stitches… Read More»

Sewing for Music Students

My Little Miss has started to play a musical instrument at school this year – the clarinet. She’s very excited and we spent some time in the holidays collecting all the new gear she would need. She received a very cool purple music stand for Christmas and a document wallet to carry her music –… Read More»

New Serger Books

You might remember my birthday present was a new overlocker and I was excited to start using it. I’m hoping that I will be able to a much better finish to my projects with it. One of the things I put on my Christmas Wishlist was a book about using my new overlocker (or serger… Read More»

Top Sewing Posts of 2013

Yesterday I wrote about the most popular Crochet posts of 2013 so today I have the top sewing posts for you. Sewing might be my favourite craft just at the moment and I’ve done quite a lot of new projects this year, but it is interesting to find that the most popular projects are older… Read More»

Christmas Tea Towels

You may have gathered if you’ve been reading here a little while that I run a ladies craft group at my church. It’s pretty low-key and only meets every fortnight during school term time, but they are a lovely group of ladies and I enjoy hanging out with them. Most days we all bring whatever… Read More»

Need a Christmas Pillowcase?

Nuffnang is raising funds to help victims of the Haiyan Typhoon and I have donated a couple of handmade Christmas pillowcases to their auction. You can bid on them on eBay – and possibly get a bargain! – plus be helping some folks who desperately need it. All funds going to the Australian Red Cross fund. Bid on… Read More»

Simple Coasters Tutorial

These are great coasters because they look tricky but are really quite easy. Hence the name “Simple Coasters”. I originally found the tutorial online somewhere a few years ago but I can’t seem to find that original tutorial anymore. So I thought I’d share my version in case you need some new coasters for Christmas… Read More»