Sets of 7: Rainbow Cross Stitch

Sets of 7 Rainbow Blocks

I’m kicking off this new series of posts today called “Sets of 7″. These are prompted by all the new visitors that have dropped by lately and got me thinking. These will all be sets of seven great posts from The Crafty Mummy Archives that you may not have seen before if you’ve only been […]

Cross Stitch Rainbow Block 9

Bock 9 Rainbow Cross Stitch Blocks

I was so determined to finish this last Rainbow Cross Stitch Block that even my broken arm couldn’t stop me! I will admit that my arm hurt a little after stitching, but the physio told me today that I need to try to move it more so I feel totally justified in using cross stitch as […]

Cross Stitch Rainbow Block 8

Cross Stitch Rainbow Block 8

I’m sure I’ve picked a favourite block before but I’m changing my mind: THIS is my favourite block! This is number 8 in my Cross Stitch Rainbow Block series and I love it! Most of the blocks have been based directly on traditional quilt blocks but this block came from my imagination. I started playing […]

Cross Stitch Rainbow Block 7

Cross Stitch Rainbow Block 7 Free Chart

Somewhere over the rainbow… your dreams are waiting to be found… Gold at the end of the rainbow… those good things are out there… Rainbow after the rain… no matter what hard stuff we go through, there’s a “rainbow” waiting at the end for us… The concepts associated with rainbows make me smile almost as […]

Cross Stitch Rainbow Block 6

Cross Stitch Rainbow Block 6

It is time for another Rainbow Block. This one is based on the quilt block called Log Cabin. This is a really traditional quilt block that is easy to sew and looks quite different depending on the placement of the colours. Sometimes it is done in darks and lights which creates stripes when all the […]

Cross Stitch Rainbow Block 5

cross stitch rainbow block 5

This might be my favourite Rainbow Block so far I think. I started playing with chevrons but in the end having just one chevron in the block looked the best. Once again the rainbow colours are lovely – although it has just occurred to me: what order do the colours go in a real rainbow? […]

Cross Stitch Rainbow Block 4

Rainbow Cross Stitch Block 4

It is time to share the next in my series of Cross Stitch Rainbow Blocks. This block is number 4 and is a nice simple design that really shows off the rainbow colours. I stitched most of this block when we were away for the weekend with my family and it was a simple one […]

Cross Stitch Rainbow Block 3

Cross Stitch Rainbow Block 3 with free chart

Yay! The next Rainbow Block is ready to share! This one is not exactly based on a quilt block but it could certainly become an easy block. I took the idea of a quilt block called Chinese Coins and played with it a little. Chinese Coins usually has rectangles of fabric stacked up, sometimes with […]

Stitching with a Hoop

how to stitch with a hoop

I have started working on cross stitch again lately and one of the first things I did was go and find my embroidery hoop. This hoop has been used for years now. The ribbon wrapped around the outer hoop was actually the ribbon that I used to wear on my ballet shoes as a young […]