Paper Flowers

Until recently my blog design included these paper flowers. I originally wrote about them in this blog post a long, long time ago! Last week I came a cross a couple of variations on these flowers  and thought I’d share them with you. Mandi Being Crafty created these cute topiaries. They use much the same… Read More»

Laptop Computer by Little Miss

Little Miss is desperate for a computer. A laptop like Mummy’s. But she’s only 7 so that’s not happening any day soon. What to do? Make your own! Isn’t she clever?! Two shoebox lids, some black paint, a print out of a keyboard and finished with a special logo on the lid. To find a… Read More»

Special Stars

Someone very special is turning 40 this week so I wanted to make them something special. These little stars start as a strip of paper with a special message on each one. Then I used this video to learn how to fold them (although I remember making these in high school with the perforated edges… Read More»

Crafty Advent Calendars…

Do you have an Advent Calendar for your family? A special calendar where you count down from the  beginning of December to Christmas? We have a wooden one with little doors all around the edge  and a magnetic scene in the middle. In each box there is a magnet to create the picture -  animals,… Read More»

Special Guest… Tammy from Not Just Paper and Glue

Hi everyone! Tammy here from Not Just Paper and Glue. I want to thank Crafty Mummy for inviting me to stop in today and share some of my projects with all of you. Not Just Paper and Glue started out in December 2006 as a place to show off my scrapbook pages and talk about… Read More»

Tissue Paper Pom-poms

When the football grand final was on last weekend Little Miss wanted to be a cheerleader. Of course, she needed pom-poms. Luckily I had some tissue paper to make some on the spot. I took a couple of sheets and folded them lengthways into a long narrow strip about 3cm wide. Then I folded it in half… Read More»

Daddy Craft… Mailbox

Daddy also did some craft with Little Miss. They made an old box into a mailbox. You can see the special artwork on the top. Now if Mummy would just remember to slip mail in there so Little Miss would get some letters…