Mini Embroidery Hoop Necklace

mini embroidery hoop with buttons necklace

Sometimes you see something and just know you want to make one! That’s how I felt about this mini embroidery hoop necklace. What else would a Crafty Mummy wear but a tiny embroidery hoop on her necklace!? I think I had seen one on Instagram or Facebook, and had thought I must go and find where to buy one. I was excited when I got an email from The Haby Goddess asking whether I would like to play with the new kit they had in store. Oh, yes please!!

mini embroidery hoop with buttons necklace

The kits are made by the clever Sonia from Dandelyne. Each kit comes with the mini hoop and inner circle piece, backing cover and chain. How you decorate it is up to your imagination. If you need some inspiration on what to do with them just pop over to her website. I think I like the bikes best – so cute! You could stitch a design in traditional embroidery stitches or keep it simple with a tiny running stitch picture. You could embellish your design with tiny beads, sequins or buttons, or add ribbon, ric rac or lace to coordinate with a special outfit. The more I thought about what to do with mine, the more ideas I had so I may have to invest in some more! You could even paint the hoop itself if you wanted to.

mini embroidery hoop with buttons necklace

I was going to stitch but then I was inspired by my button collection. (You might remember all my buttons sitting above my desk in their spice rack.) A scrap of fabric and some tiny buttons created this pendant in less than an hour. I used the inner circle piece to trace a circle for size on my fabric then stitched all my buttons in place. Then it was simply a matter of fitting the fabric over the inner circle piece and trimming the excess fabric, fitting the circle into the hoop and tightening the screw to hold it in place. Once in place I used some super glue to hold the edges of the fabric down and glued the backing piece on to cover the stitching. It looks all neat and perfect.

meet the maker mini embroidery hoop necklace

If you’re in Victoria, you could the meet the maker of these cute kits! Sonia from Dandelyne will be joining The Haby Goddess at their Monbulk store to host a workshop on Saturday 14th September, 1pm – 3pm. You can find more information about that here. (This workshop has passed now but you never know when another might be available so check the Haby Goddess website)

If, like me, you are too far away for a class, you can still order your kit from The Haby Goddes online. I would love to see your finished creation! There are a couple of sizes available. Mine is 4cm or 1.6″ on an antique bronze chain. I have shopped online at The Haby Goddess before (remember my stitched iPhone case?) and have found the site super easy to use and the service lovely.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by The Haby Goddess but as always all opinions are my own and can’t be bought by anyone. 

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