Sets of 7: Crochet Projects

Sets of 7 Crochet

I seem to constantly have a crochet project on the go. At the moment I actually have two in progress – a blanket in green and browns, and a crochet basket made with T-shirt yarn. I find crochet is my favourite “on the couch in the evening” project, especially in Winter when the growing blanket […]

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Crochet Blanket Progress

crochet blanket close

Remember the blanket I started to crochet last year for the And Sew We Craft Crochet Along? Well, it is still growing slowly and with the cooler weather at our place recently I have done quite a lot of work on it. I still love the mix of colours on this one – lime green, […]

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Rainbow Stripe Crochet Blanket

rainbow stripe crochet blanket

My very talented friend Miss P was making this gorgeous rainbow blanket when I was at Creative Craft Retreat last year. She is the fastest crocheter I have ever met and doesn’t even need to look at she crochets. We have shared many a craft morning where I am amazed at how much she gets […]

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Top Crochet Posts of 2013

crochet blanket Patons Inca

Crochet is one of the most searched terms here at The Crafty Mummy. I thought it might be interesting to look at what the most popular crochet posts were for the entire year so here’s the Top 13 Most Popular Crochet Posts of 2013. How to Finish Crochet Blankets Crochet Rainbow Blanket Tutorial Crochet for […]

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Crochet Christmas Ornaments

crochet christmas tree

Crochet has become my “evening unwind” craft lately. I’ve been playing with yarn on the couch each evening while I chat or watch TV. So relaxing. With Christmas coming it was the perfect time to collect some tutorials for crochet Christmas ornaments so here’s some of the best I found. Each one has a tutorial […]

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Crochet Spiral Decoration

red green spiral crochet decoration

Pinterest. My ultimate time waster. But also source of so much inspiration! This week it was crochet. I came across a fabulous crochet tutorial from Youtube by eliZZZa13 that just made me want to have a go straight away. Hubby thought I was mad when I immediately went searching for yarn and hook in the middle […]

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Crochet Tip: Colour Sample Cards

crochet colour squares

I came across this crochet tip on the blog Aduoscriptum and I just have to share. Carmen has come up with a fabulous way to work out colour combinations for her crochet projects. She has these little squares of colour which means she can how the colours will work together much better than just having […]

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Theme of the Week: Crochet

crochet shawl plum

The Theme of the Week is a chance to feature some of the lovely Crafty Mummy readers’ work. Each week I will announce the theme on Facebook and in my Weekly News. If you have a post that you think fits the theme, you can share a link with me and I’ll share it with the world the […]

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Tip: Yarn Storage

yarn storage crochet

I started another crochet blanket recently for the CrochetAlong. That meant more yarn. Yes, more yarn! But I have a new way of storing that new yarn for my project: a $2 plastic tub from Woolworths. Simple yarn storage, huh!? I was doing the groceries one day and these plastic tubs were going out for […]

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Tip: Is your crochet blanket curling?

crochet blanket curling

Have you started to crochet your CrochetAlong blanket? Are you finding that it is curling? Me too! This used to really concern me. Was my tension too tight? Or too loose? Was I doing something wrong?! But now that I’ve made a few blankets I can assure you that it is fine. With the first […]

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