Four for Friday: Angel Crafts

Four for Friday Angels crafts

It’s Friday again and my boy, Mr Happy, is home from school sick again. This seems to be a repeating pattern – although today’s fever is a lot easier to handle than last week’s gastro! In any case I was thinking about angels earlier today – perhaps dreaming that one would help with the housework! […]

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Cross Stitch Ornaments

christmas ornament cross stitch snowman

I shared my last-minute Christmas decoration making the other day so I thought I’d best let you all know that I did in fact finish them and gave them as gifts for Christmas. I was pretty pleased with the finished results. Each one has a name stitched on them but I have edited the photos […]

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Merry Christmas

Christmas 2013

Thanks for hanging out with me here at The Crafty Mummy this year and especially this Christmas season. I’ve had so much fun creating Christmas crafts this year! Christmas can be lost in all the glittery sparkly decorations so easily though, so I’m just gong to take a minute to talk about what Christmas means […]

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Peg Angels

clothes peg angel

Last week while the ladies at my craft group were making Christmas tree tea towels, we had a little group of kids who had already finished up school for the holidays and were tagging along for the morning. The lovely B from BBeingCool was there with her cherubs and she generously volunteered to craft with […]

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Craft Photo a Day

aswcraftphotoaday ribbon heart

Day 15: Seat This pretty ornament is having a seat in our tree this year. Day 16: Red One of the few pieces of hand quilting I have ever done. Day 17: Word No words but a picture for a cross stitch ornament Day 18: Kids One of my lovely kids made this yummy cake! […]

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Cross Stitch Progress

christmas tree cross stitch ornament

I’m a last-minute kinda girl. It might not be obvious here on the blog, but I often leave projects to the last minute and I long ago learned that I work best under pressure when I have a time limit. You would think I would learn to get better at this but somehow… no… I […]

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Christmas Tea Towels

felt christmas tree tea towel

You may have gathered if you’ve been reading here a little while that I run a ladies craft group at my church. It’s pretty low-key and only meets every fortnight during school term time, but they are a lovely group of ladies and I enjoy hanging out with them. Most days we all bring whatever […]

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Beaded Angel Tutorial

heart beaded angel tutorial

  Want a super quick Christmas ornament for the tree or a special gift? This beaded angel is perfect! It uses only a handful of beads but looks so pretty. The key is the large glass heart bead that is turned upside down for the odd of the angel. I’m already imagining a second lovely […]

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Christmas Reindeer Biscuits

reindeer craft cookie biscuit kids

I love being a stay at home mum! I know this is not possible for every mum, and there are many mum’s who are keen to go back to working outside the home but I love the opportunity that working from home gives me to set my own schedule and spend time at school with […]

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Double Beaded Star Tutorial

double beaded star tutorial

I love stars at Christmas! They are perhaps my favourite symbol of the season so we have a bunch of pretty ornaments on our tree that are stars. A couple of years back I made beaded stars and shared them here on the blog. That is one of THE MOST popular Christmas posts I have […]

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