Instagram Tip: Replying to Comments

Tips for Replying to Comments on Instagram

Instagram can be such an inspiration. I love seeing all the projects that people are working on and getting a glimpse of their workspaces. It is so lovely to get comments on your photos and suggestions when you can’t decide which way to go with the next step, but today I have a little tip […]

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Sets of 7: Social Media

Sets of 7 Social Media

Another set of 7 today but this one is a little different to the others. This one is your chance to catch up with me all over the place! I write here at the website every week – sometimes up to 6 times a week – but I hang out on social media EVERY DAY. […]

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Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

annie sloan pbevent bracelet

Confession Time: I love my comfort zone. I would stay there every day all day quite happily. I’d rather not take a risk. I’d rather not try new stuff. I’d rather not meet new people. Really. In my heart I’d rather stay in my comfort zone. Forever. BUT I know that I can’t live that […]

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Top 5 Resources I Use & Love

Top 5 Resources I Use and Love

Every now and again I come across some resources that become an everyday part of my blogging tools. These are the things I turn to all the time for answers or that I know I can trust to deliver. I wanted to share some of these with you – my current Top 5 Resources for […]

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Quick Tip: Pinterest Messages

Quick Tip New Pinterest Messages

Did you notice that Pinterest introduced a new feature recently? Pinterest Messages. Now you can send messages from within Pinterest itself. I had read a couple of things about this but couldn’t for the life of me find it in my Pinterest profile. I had looked everywhere and given up! But today I found it […]

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Photo a Day for Creatives


I’m planning to take part in a new photo a day challenge aimed especially at creative crafty types. It is called #CTMonthintheLife and is being run by Jess over at Create and Thrive. I took an online course with Jess last year all about running and growing your handmade business, and although I haven’t really […]

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Tools I Use: Swank Child Theme

Tools I Use Swank Theme

Every now and again I share some of the blogging tools I use and today I want to share about my latest WordPress theme. The theme is what sets up the look of a WordPress site. It generally sets the layout areas and their sizes as well as the fonts and colours. Some themes are […]

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Getting Social

getting social

Even when I don’t find time to blog, I find time to check in on social media. Whether it is sharing a crochet post on Facebook or a picture of my progress on a craft project on Instagram, I’m often reading and visiting with friends… and just being social! Here’s some of the things I […]

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The Big List of Crafters on Instagram

calling crafters on instagram

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a big list of people on Instagram who were into craft? I thought so too so I put the call out there and gathered a list of crafters on Instagram. There is everything here. Crochet. Knitting, Sewing. Quilting, Jewellery. Toys. Stitching. And there is room for more. Check out […]

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