Baby Crochet Blanket Finished

Baby crochet blanket

I wrote a little while back about my crochet blanket using Patons Inca. I have loved working with this yarn because it is so soft and cuddly. Guess what? My blanket is done! Yay! It is a baby size blanket which is probably good because I would be very tempted to keep it if it […]

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Crochet Along

crochet along yarn

Over at And Sew We Craft I’m hosting a CrochetAlong. We’re going to make a simple crochet blanket, perhaps a little similar to my Rainbow Blanket or Simple Boy Blanket. So if you’d like to try some crochet and chat to some friendly crafty people along the way, pop over and find out what you […]

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How to Crochet with Fabric Strips

crochet a rag rug with fabric

A reader asked me recently about how to crochet with fabric strips to make floor rugs and other things. These are sometimes known as rag rugs because they are often made with rag fabrics like old clothes or sheets. I have never tried this but I did a little research and put together a collection […]

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Crochet Blanket with Patons Inca

crochet blanket Patons Inca

A few months back I was sent a lovely package from Australian Country Spinners. They had sent me a couple of sample balls of Patons Inca yarn to play with and some beautiful pattern books. So I started playing with the yarn and the suggested easy Crochet Slippers pattern from the Inca Home book. But […]

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Crochet Infinity Scarf

crochet infinity scarf

This is one of those special scarves that looks tricky but is really very easy to create. It uses only two different crochet stitches and variegated yarn to get beautiful colours without changing yarns all the time. It is a crochet Infinity scarf, so-called because the loop has a twist in it like an infinity […]

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Another Crochet Ripple Blanket Finished

crochet ripple blanket

I love crochet ripple blankets! After making my first very colourful “rainbow” one, I made a second one with a lots of cream and various other left over bits of yarn. This blanket has a more standard colour palette, but one that I love and I think is really classic – red, navy and grey. […]

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Reader Project: Crochet Blanket

granny square crochet blanket

I got a lovely email last week from a reader named Carol: Hi Tonya, Love receiving your emails and watching your projects develop! I thought I would send on to you one of my finally finished projects – I have been doing this blanket for over a year now (with 2 broken fingers in between) […]

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Crochet Stars

crochet stars turquoise navy

My Crafty Inspirations post on Sunday included lots of star projects. These crochet stars were one of them. I came across these on Pinterest and just had to have a go. They were quick and easy. I’m seriously considering making a rainbow of colours! You can find the free tutorial over on Ravelry by Penny Peberdy.

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Ripple Blanket Progress

crochet ripple blanket navy red grey

My ripple blanket is coming along slowly but surely. I’m loving the colour combination – red, navy and grey – although I had to go searching for more red yarn. I seem to have collected quite a lot of yarn in my stash so I had been determined to not buy more, but I really […]

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Blue Crochet Hair Tie

crochet hair scrunchie

I’ve been playing with an idea. I have seen crochet hair ties at markets and shops and finally sat down and fiddled until I worked out how to do it. This is my first attempt and I assure you there will be some more. I’m thinking I want a more “ruffled” look, kind of like […]

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