How to Square up a Quilt Block

How to Square up a quilt block

In a perfect world, all my patchwork quilt blocks would turn out perfect. Those perfect squares and strips would come together perfectly to make a 12.5″ block with seams of exactly a quarter-inch and I would not have any crooked edges. Unfortunately my quilt blocks don’t seem to have been created in my perfect world. […]

One-Handed Hair Style

one handed hair style

Doing your hair with one hand is almost impossible! Especially when you are right-handed and that’s the hand you can’t use! Missed that story? Read all about my shoulder accident here. But I have found the hairstyle I will probably be wearing for the next 6 weeks – or longer – until my arm is […]

Loom Pencil Grip

Make a Pencil Grip with Rainbow Loom bands

Little Miss has been doing some more looming recently and I just loved this pencil grip! She tells me it is a type of fishtail pattern and was a little tricky but fun to make. Her big tip was to have your pencil ready up front because when you finish this pattern, you need to […]

Cross Stitch Rainbow Block 4

Rainbow Cross Stitch Block 4

It is time to share the next in my series of Cross Stitch Rainbow Blocks. This block is number 4 and is a nice simple design that really shows off the rainbow colours. I stitched most of this block when we were away for the weekend with my family and it was a simple one […]

Crochet Spiral Decoration

red green spiral crochet decoration

Pinterest. My ultimate time waster. But also source of so much inspiration! This week it was crochet. I came across a fabulous crochet tutorial from Youtube by eliZZZa13 that just made me want to have a go straight away. Hubby thought I was mad when I immediately went searching for yarn and hook in the middle […]

Facebook: How to Schedule Posts

facebook schedule posts tutorial

I have written before about how to schedule a post to your Facebook page. I noticed this morning on my page that it has changed just a little bit. This may be something that is rolling out on Facebook over a few days so don’t panic if yours hasn’t changed yet. But when it does […]

Tutorial: Bath Salts

how to make bath salts

The last of our crafty activities at the Pretty Pamper Party was to make pretty coloured bath salts. These are just Epsom Salts with some colour and fragrance. I read a number of different options for colouring and adding the fragrance including soap colouring and fragrance, and natural fragrances like lavender. We used food colouring […]

Tutorial: Chocolate Lip Gloss

chocolate lip gloss tutorial cocoa

When we had our Pretty Pamper Party, one of things the girls made was Chocolate Lip Gloss. It was inspired by Jill at Meet the Dubiens. Here’s how you can make some too. What You Need Cocoa Powder Petroleum Jelly small lidded container to store it in – I found mine at a pharmacy something […]

Tutorial: Glitter Body Gel

how to make body glitter

At our Pretty Pamper Party, we made Glitter Body Gel with my daughter and her friends. This was one of the easiest crafts ever! The hardest part was finding the little lidded containers to put it in. I found mine at the local Pharmacy but I have also seen them online at Amazon if you […]