Everyday Baby Quilt Tutorial

Everyday Baby Quilt Tutorial

A couple of years back I made two quilts for two beautiful babies. Their Mums are two of my best friends so quilts were the perfect baby gift. I wanted simple but not too simple and I had found two great sets of fabric to use for them. One was super pretty in pinks and […]

Cross Stitch: Rainbow Block 1

rainbow cross stitch block 1

I pulled out some cross stitch projects recently and remembered how much I LOVE it! I find it very relaxing to stitch those precise little crosses and end up with a picture. My brain started ticking… Cross stitch… quilt along… St Patrick’s Day… rainbows… yes, my brain jumps here and there! But I put all […]

How to Baste a Quilt

Tutorial: How to Spray Baste a Quilt

You’ve finished piecing a beautiful quilt top and now it is time to make it into a beautiful finished quilt. The next step is to baste the layers together ready to quilt it. The quilting is just sewing through all three layers – the quilt top, the wadding in the middle to make it fluffy […]

ModernQAL: Parisian Star Block

parisian star block modernqal

Time for another Modern QAL block and this month it is my turn to share the tutorial. I’ve chosen Parisian Star because I love star blocks and this one has the perfect place to feature my favourite fabric. You might remember that I liked that about the Spool block, too, a few months back. You […]

Rainbow Stripe Crochet Blanket

rainbow stripe crochet blanket

My very talented friend Miss P was making this gorgeous rainbow blanket when I was at Creative Craft Retreat last year. She is the fastest crocheter I have ever met and doesn’t even need to look at she crochets. We have shared many a craft morning where I am amazed at how much she gets […]

Beaded Angel Tutorial

heart beaded angel tutorial

  Want a super quick Christmas ornament for the tree or a special gift? This beaded angel is perfect! It uses only a handful of beads but looks so pretty. The key is the large glass heart bead that is turned upside down for the odd of the angel. I’m already imagining a second lovely […]

Double Beaded Star Tutorial

double beaded star tutorial

I love stars at Christmas! They are perhaps my favourite symbol of the season so we have a bunch of pretty ornaments on our tree that are stars. A couple of years back I made beaded stars and shared them here on the blog. That is one of THE MOST popular Christmas posts I have […]

Simple Coasters Tutorial

simple coasters tutorial

These are great coasters because they look tricky but are really quite easy. Hence the name “Simple Coasters”. I originally found the tutorial online somewhere a few years ago but I can’t seem to find that original tutorial anymore. So I thought I’d share my version in case you need some new coasters for Christmas […]

How to Mend a Seam

tutorial mend a seam

I was making the bed the other day when I realised that my doona cover had a split in the seam. This cover is made of a bunch of different fabrics joined in panels and one of the joins was gaping just a little. (You can see the whole bed in this post if you’re […]