Wire Ribbon Rose Tutorial

I love it when I have time to create something just by playing around with crafty stuff. This wire ribbon rose is the product of having time to play one day. I wanted to test adding wire to the edge of various widths of fabric on my overlocker so I tried a few different things… Read More»

Crochet Spiral Decoration

Pinterest. My ultimate time waster. But also source of so much inspiration! This week it was crochet. I came across a fabulous crochet tutorial from Youtube by eliZZZa13 that just made me want to have a go straight away. Hubby thought I was mad when I immediately went searching for yarn and hook in the middle… Read More»

How to Embed a Facebook Page Post

You may have seen  couple of posts recently on the blog that are snippets from the Crafty Mummy Facebook page, like this one called Facebook Friday.  Someone has asked how I do that so here’s the low down – it is super simple, of course! How to Embed a Facebook Page post into your Blog post… Read More»

Cooking with Kids: Apron

Every now and again – usually during school holidays – my kids decide they want to help me in the kitchen. To keep them (relatively) clean while we cook, I created some easy aprons. They love to wear an apron like I do! What You Need Fabric – about 1m depending on the size of… Read More»

How to Make a Maid Marion head-dress

Maid Marion needed a head-dress for her costume – according to my Little Miss! No, Mum, not a hat or a headband or just cute hair, but a head-dress. So head-dress it was! This one could double for any medieval lady and be more decorated with a little more time. What You Need Strip of… Read More»

How to Sew a Maid Marion Costume

Back to Book Week costumes – I know, bit late now but I still have to share! Remember Mr Happy went as Obi Wan Kenobi? Little Miss decided she wanted to be Maid Marion this year, and naturally she expected that her Crafty Mummy would be creating something special to wear. So I thought a… Read More»